commercial Timber Floor


Sherwood Flooring is a leading company in supply, installation, sanding and coating of all types of Commercial Timber Flooring and timber floor refurbishment in Perth and country areas. Working well with architects, builders, government, and the private sector to achieve a high standard of quality and service.

Our commercial timber flooring team are highly skilled in all aspects of timber flooring:

Sprung Timber Flooring

Solid Plank on Ply Timber Flooring

Staining and Patterns

Sanding and Coating

Line Marking

Maintenance Programs

Timber Floor Refurbishment

We specialise in:

Indoor Sports Courts


Halls and Ballroons

Showrooms and Retail Outlets

Restaurants and Cafes

Hotels and Clubs

The Sherwood Flooring Difference…

At Sherwood Flooring, our commercial timber flooring specialist are employed directly on wages, and they are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of timber flooring. We are therefore able to offer you a complete timber floor refurbishment service, from recoating to line marking, all in-house throughout Perth and country area. It also means we have complete control of your job and can guarantee we’ll finish your project on time.

Click here for a FREE quote. For more information about our Commercial Timber Flooring solutions, contact Dave on 0412 187 585.