Floor Talk – part 1 – why choose timber?

Over time we are going to give you information on topics of interest related to timber floors. Topics such as; timber varieties, hardness, coatings and finish, staining, and timber floor construction, to name a few. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover.

The question “do I go for carpet, tiles, vinyl, or timber?” is often asked.  So why choose timber?  More often than not it is a personal choice based on the impressive looks of timber.  But for those who need more reasons for choosing timber read on.

  • Timber Flooring is sometimes considered as the expensive option to other floor finishes but after considering the many benefits and lasting qualities of timber this is not the case over time.
  • Timber floors are more hygienic than carpets. Nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in one square meter of carpet with allergens adversely affecting asthmatics and other allergy sufferers. Carpets also trap unpleasant odors from animals and spilt food besides being unhygienic.

Another Palazzo Homes Masterpiece

timber floorThis luxurious property in Dalkeith was recently completed by Palazzo homes in their unique style and again shows their commitment to superior quality, attention to detail, and excellence in design. This certainly set the bar high for us to produce the perfect timber floor and finish to compliment the superb appearance and ambience of this home.

With our alliance with Art of Timber, where they supply and install the timber floors and we sand and finish the floors, we were able to produce a floor and finish to the highest quality and beyond the expectations of the builder and home owner.

The job involved approx 200 m² of American Oak 15mm thick x 180mm wide, laid on 15mm plywood, and included a stylish staircase. The floor was level sanded and flood filled using American Oak dust and sealer. The filler was fine sanded ready for staining.  The stain was hand rubbed into the timber and 2 coats of 2 pack water base matt coating was applied.