Timber Floor Care – part 1 –General

Over time we are going to give you information on how to look after your timber floors. We will keep you up to date on any new techniques and products – but only after we have fully tested and approved them. Part 1 gets you started with the general and most important suggestions for Timber Floor Care.

Your timber floor looks great and has added value to your property and lifestyle.  With a few preventative measures and a regular cleaning routine you can keep it looking good.

  • Sand and grit are enemies of your floor and can be brought into the house on footwear. These small particles act like sandpaper resulting in scratches. Mats placed both outside and inside of external doors can significantly reduce this problem.
  • Direct intense sunlight can have an unwanted affect on your floor. Some timber varieties darken with age, which can add a certain richness to its appearance, but when exposed to direct sunlight this might accelerate this process in that particular area of exposure.  Direct sunlight can sometimes cause cupping and gapping of the boards.  Suggested preventative measures are sheer curtains (net), tinting, or using rugs.
  • Ensure that furniture protection felt pads are fitted to table and chair legs and check them regularly.  Some timber varieties are softer than others.  Check that chairs with castors are not causing indentation. Barrel type castors are less likely to cause damage to floors than ball castors.
  • NO stilettos.
  • Get into the habit of removing spillages immediately. Timber floors can be damaged by excessive water so attend to any leaks.
  • For regular cleaning of residential floors an antistatic mop provides an effective means of collecting dust and grit.
  • On a monthly basis your floors can benefit from a damp mopping. Using clean water and a neutral pH wood floor cleaner ensure the mop is wrung out until it is moist.  Finally mop the floor with a mop wrung out till it is dry to remove excess moisture on the boards.
  • The use of harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, methylated spirits or vinegar are to be avoided as they can damage some floor coatings.

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